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Tying the Knot


  • Single Card

Love Card (For Everyone) Artwork By Amy Freund
This is a cute wedding card. The pigs are both wearing top hats with their tails tangled inlove, now they have officially tied the knot.

300gsm card
150mm x 105mm folded landscape
Printer in Melbourne, Australia
Packaged in a crystal clear cello bag with white envelope measuring 125x175mm

Please allow two days for delivery, if you require it any sooner please get in touch and we will do our best to meet your deadline.

Single card - $5.00

About the artist:
Amy Freund is a Melbourne based artist who creates pinpoint illustrations of imaginative landscapes. With a background of a Visual Arts and Journalism double degree at Monash University, Amy’s artwork focuses on representing her fascination and years of research into the inner psyche. Each illustration questions the way in which people witness, understand and interpret their world. Amy employs a high-level of detail in her work to create an immerse visual world for the viewer. The works encourage an intimate and slow unraveling as the viewer is drawn to each different area of detail, which evokes a strong connection between the viewer and the piece.

The illustrations created for Queercasions builds on this aesthetic, and brings forth the innocence of love through child-like animal illustrations.

Amy now works as a brands editor in publishing, and continues to passionately explore her art practice through her collaboration with DUENDE Co_.